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Credit Approval
Transform your credit operation analysis process with a tailored solution. Manage the entire credit lifecycle, including registration, analysis, renegotiation, and final approval. Integrate with the main external systems.

Identity Management
Implement a simple workflow to manage access requests and monitor access orders for various bank systems. Employees can seamlessly submit access requests.

KYC (KnowYour Client)
Complete delivery of KYC (Know Your Customer), including screening generation, analysis, and distribution to relevant departments, approval by managers and areas, integration with FoCa, and the generation and sending of PDFs..

Investment Fund Management
Automate the entire process for managing investment funds, including opening, closure, transfers, etc., integrating with the main fund regulators, and possessing the capability to adapt to regulatory changes.

Approval of Currency Exchange Contract
Approve currency exchange contracts by collecting required information and automatically analyzing compliance for swift approval.

Loan Contract Management
Approve consigned loans by gathering necessary information, connecting the workflow with credit score systems and digital signature platform, defining approval steps, and establishing communication channels with customers..

Request by the client to utilize the banks circularization service (statements, receipts, payments) through the website. A web service is employed to import all client-registered data from the site, and the internal approval process is then executed.

Treasury Cash Provision Process
Manage the request for new expenses by the treasury department of the bank, considering all the authority levels defined by the board.

Corporate Training Logistics
Manage the logistics of training, including purchasing airfare, hotel, and organizing coffee breaks. The SLA for the execution of each task is crucial, as the contract with the bank includes penalties for delays.

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