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Measure the success of your processes

Gain total visibility of your processes, controlling SLAs and KPIs specific to your business.

Create your own business report

Mark the points in the processes that have some business significance and use them to configure reports. For example, when passing a step, you can define that from that point on that request has the status of “Approved”.

Set the visualization

Use the report editor to generate reports based on the defined markers and extract the necessary data from the process.

Access native SLA and productivity reports

Every request in Zuri has three possible statuses: On Time, Expiring, or Late. In this report, you can check the status of each request, as well as the workload for teams and users involved in the processes.

Analyze historical data for improvements

Review processes and their stages to identify the percentage of SLA compliance, top performers, average duration, among others.

Connect Zuri to Power BI

Extract the information you need from your Zuri processes and forms to create visualizations in Power BI. Our Zuri experts can provide all the support you need for this integration.

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