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The power of BPA Low-Code Platform

Gain total visibility of your processes, controlling SLAs and KPIs specific to your business.

What is low-code platform?

A low-code platform is a software development environment that provides visual tools (drag-and-drop) and pre-built components to enable the rapid creation of applications without technical knowledge.

Benefits of low-code

Reduced development time

Significantly reducing the time it takes to create solutions compared to traditional coding methods.


Allow to capitalize on opportunities and respond to changing market demands faster.

Reduced risk of errors

Visual development tools can minimize errors compared to traditional coding.

Easy adaptation to changing needs

Allow for quick modifications and updates as business needs evolve.

Empowering citizen developers

Business users with limited technical expertise can create solutions that address their specific needs.

Collaboration between business and IT

Business users and IT professionals can work together more effectively to transform internal operations.

Zuri: the low-code platform

Zuri is a revolutionary low-code platform designed to simplify and accelerate business process automation for everyone. Unlike traditional coding methods, Zuri’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components empower both citizen developers and IT professionals to build impactful solutions without extensive coding knowledge.

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