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About Zuri

luiz lombardi - founder

Who are we?

Founded in 1998, Zuri emerged from the determination of our founder, Luiz Lombardi, to solve problems. Today, for over 20 years, we have been providing agility and efficiency through the creation of solutions and process automation, helping medium and large successful companies eliminate bureaucracy and achieve their business goals.

Why Zuri?

We believe that people can find happiness through their work. They are happy when they reach their full productive potential and when they have the opportunity to be creative. We believe in creating a healthier and happier organizational climate for ourselves and for our clients.


“Wanting a better world is not enough. We need to build it, and Zuri has discovered a way to do it: eliminate bureaucracy. But why? To make it more balanced. Throughout my career, I have come to understand the value of time and I have understood that our quest is for the freedom to be who we are, to have fun, to grow and to celebrate this unique and rare chance that is life.”

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countries with operations: Portugal, USA, and Brazil

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